Celebrating Velvet Pumpkin Season With You!

Velvet Pumpkin Season is under way at LoveFeast Shop.  We are so excited to hear so many wonderful things from our customers this season!  Many of you have discovered we’ve added a phone number at LoveFeast Shop so we’ve had the pleasure of talking directly to our guests and hearing how they will be celebrating, sharing and decorating with their velvet pumpkins.

We’ve had so many lovely chats with our customers it’s like we’ve enjoyed a cup of coffee over a table together!


Many of you have given gifts of PINK pumpkins to friends and sisters.  We’ve heard about festive gatherings of pumpkin decorating and celebrating.

PINK pumpkins given and shared with sisters, mothers and friends.  ~and good news! We’ll be carrying PINK pumpkins past October!


We took time this fall to stop and dream ~ with our sisters too.


We’re glad you are a part of our friendship, our business LoveFeast Shop and our journey.

We’re loading up the shop with festive and unique decorating items right now.  Beautiful dishes, hides, velvet pillows and fur gifts coming soon!

ca&kpicmonkey (1)

Happy Fall! Chris Ann & Kristin

How are you celebrating this fall?

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  1. These pumkins are just too beautiful!! What a great find and collaboration for you guys! You guys are just too cute too!! 😉

  2. Ohh sorry, forgot the “p” in pumpkin….can we say whare are my readers?!?! LOL

  3. Two years or maybe is was three years ago, I won your giveaway of a passel of your perfect velvet pumpkins. They have been such a delight. They come out about mid-October and don’t hide again until after we ring in the new year. This year, I came upon a great new, well OLD basket; a large rectangle shaped like a cake pan, basket for them to reside in for the Fall. I acquired a large piece of ancient ivory damask and I knew they would love to snuggle within its folds. Oh, and they do and they are so proud of their beauty! The basket sits in a very prominent place in our “visiting” room. others may call it a den, but it is perfect for conversation and coffee with visitors. I also have my small walnut writing desk in a corner of that room, my lap top upon it, so I get the enjoyment of my pumpkins a large part of the day. I celebrate them celebrating Fall celebrating blessings.

    • Judith ~ We are so glad the velvet pumpkins are such a big part of your decorating and also enjoyment! Thank you so much for sharing that with us!

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