A Change is Happenin’

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; I am large — I contain multitudes.”   ~Walt Whitman

There’s a change a happening here at LoveFeast Table. You see, we like change, even though at times it can be uncomfortable, pressing us into spaces that are new and unexplored. But change can also be good. It can open up new spaces and bring new adventures.

When we started this blog some 4 years ago, we had no idea what we were doing…really. We were two stay at home moms who set out with a few goals. We wanted to create careers for ourselves that we could slowly grow into as our kids began to grow and leave the nest. This job had to be flexible to the fact we didn’t want to miss our kids important life events.

It had to be creative! It had to be a wide open canvas for our creative souls to stretch their muscles.

It’s funny, when we think back to our “elevator pitch” in the early days for LoveFeast Table, we realize our husbands were so kind to encourage us! Most of the time, our “business idea” was understood only by the two of us.

But it was understood in a ethereal, amoebic sorta way. We pressed and pushed this idea that we both knew was there, until it began to take a shape.

Here’s the thing. We didn’t start the traditional way with a business plan, knowing what our mission and goals were…we started with a concept. What defines a LoveFeast Lifestyle? Even this question wasn’t that clearly defined early on. And being creative, we gave categories like Love, Feast, Table, Life. Yes, they are beautiful words that evoke feelings when spoken…but, seriously?! As far as categories for a blog, what the heck were we trying to do? We, digress. You all have been so kind to keep coming back and trying to understand what it is we were trying to say.

Last year, most of you know, we launched LoveFeast Shop. We are both design and decor fanatics. LoveFeast Table was all about coming to the table, sharing a great meal and listening to the stories…we love to feast! But, there was more to us that we wanted to share…the creative, design bit. Our friendship has spent many hours pouring over paint chips, scouring yard sales, heaping finds from antique stores into mini vans and drawing pictures with our kids. Truth be told, our husbands have the gift in the kitchen, we excel in setting the stage.

As we’ve grown this blog, this business, we feel it’s beginning to take a clearer shape and form. (Not that this will ever limit the creative!) So, Love, Feast, Table and Life have been changed to Decor, Feast, Style, Life. We are excited about this change!

Just to break it down for you:


A place for design, projects, gardening, art and tablescaping…“Inspiration for the home!”


Our tabletop for cooking, menus, recipes, LoveBombs and moments…“All things related to feasting!”


A new addition lending fun with fashion, clothing, jewelry, accessories and style tips…“Fashion ideas for you!”


More of our personal space where we will share some of our own stories, our friendship story, business and blogging, inspiration and events we have going on…“Join us in the LoveFeast Life!”


not too long from now, you’ll see some other changes coming…to LoveFeast Shop and another fun new site we have up our sleeves! Thank you for joining us on this journey. Having our table full of friends is the core of what this life is all about!