Honestly, I didn’t know what Cherimoyas were a week ago. The Minneapolis Tribune did a tiny “meet and greet” this fruit article. So, I thought it would be the perfect “food toy” (see our definition of a food toy at the end of this post) purchase. At $9.99 a pound, it wouldn’t be my everyday go-to fruit! But, for “the blog” I went to hunt them out. Two grocery stores later, I found them high on a shelf at Byerly’s. When I went to pay for them, nobody knew what they were and it sent managers and check- out people a flutter as to what to charge me. They decided that $2.99/lb. seemed fairer than $9.99/lb. I was agreeable to this version of Minnesota Nice.


We waited until they were slightly dark brown and just a little soft to the touch. I sliced them through and scooped out the white flesh. We ate ours for dessert on top of Sweet Sticky Rice, along with mango and kiwi. A great tropical getaway at your own table!