Honestly, I didn’t know what Cherimoyas were a week ago. The Minneapolis Tribune did a tiny “meet and greet” this fruit article. So, I thought it would be the perfect “food toy” (see our definition of a food toy at the end of this post) purchase. At $9.99 a pound, it wouldn’t be my everyday go-to fruit! But, for “the blog” I went to hunt them out. Two grocery stores later, I found them high on a shelf at Byerly’s. When I went to pay for them, nobody knew what they were and it sent managers and check- out people a flutter as to what to charge me. They decided that $2.99/lb. seemed fairer than $9.99/lb. I was agreeable to this version of Minnesota Nice.


We waited until they were slightly dark brown and just a little soft to the touch. I sliced them through and scooped out the white flesh. We ate ours for dessert on top of Sweet Sticky Rice, along with mango and kiwi. A great tropical getaway at your own table!

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  1. Fabulous. they are beautiful , I wouldnt even want to eat them. I am certainly going to hunt them down because sweet sticky rice is one of my fave things

  2. Interesting! What are they like on the inside?

  3. oh Kristin…we need to do alpacas, wine, CO and more wine and food and tents and food and wine and company! Need I say more…can we wait for several years?

  4. They have a creamy white interior. Good made into ice cream or a custard as well!

  5. What an inspiring and heart filled story! Thank you for sharing. I hope others learn from this example.

  6. Sorry, the above comment was meant for the previous story. I’ll leave it there too. And cherimoyas are good. My husband loves them!

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