Coffee Cake Bosses

I have two gingers, as they like to call themselves. The oldest, Baker, likes to refer to Little Man as “mini me”. They are two peas in a pod separated by 9 years. They spent a few hours yesterday watching Cake Boss, one of their favorite shows, then decided to make their own coffee cake. Baker takes control in the kitchen. Like his dad, he loves it there. He’s talked about going to culinary school and one day, opening his own bakery. He chose a Buttermilk Coffee Cake recipe out of the Advantium cookbook. I stood back and took pictures…okay and savored every single, stinkin’ moment watching the two of them!


Baker didn’t need a bit of help. The recipe was easy…so easy that Little Man helped out too!

He even made sure I saw the “special” way he added the butter to the sugar.

The only time they needed a bit of input from me was when Baker pulled this out.

“Ummm, what’s that for?” I asked. “To cut in the butter.” (I’m so glad he still needs me!)

But, then, like a typical teenager, he lets me think he took my advice but then quickly put the pastry cutter aside and announced that he prefers cutting in the butter with his hands.

Watching the two of them bake together, laughing and just being together, made my mama heart happy.



In no time at all, and with very little mess (compared to other baking times) they put the batter in a ceramic dish and turned on the GE Profile™ Advantium® oven.

One major advantage to having the Advantium with kids, is I’m comfortable with them baking while I’m out. Usually, if I’m gone, and they want to bake, I get nervous and say, “Wait until I get home.” We have a gas stove. But, with the Advantium, I feel it’s safer. Baker, put the dish in, set the speedcook time and pushed start. 18 minutes later, the Coffee Cake Bosses pulled out their creation and sliced it up for the family to taste.

Baker said, “It was easy to make and quick to bake. I liked cooking cake in the Advantium better than cookies though.” He attempted cookies once and I think because the Advantium cooks differently than a conventional oven, he got a little frustrated. But, I’m sure he’ll try it again!

The overall consensus of the Coffee Cake Bosses was that it tasted delicious!

Do you have bakers in your family? Do you like to bake with your kids?

As part of our partnership with GE, Kristin received an Advantium Oven.  The experiences and opinions expressed here, are our own. For more posts on the GE Advantium read HERE and HERE.


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