This Week At LoveFeast Table

We are so excited with all that is going on at our table.  If you are new WELCOME!   You can find out about us HERE.

Inspiration for Dream Planter & Winter Porch Vignettes HERE.

Has anybody else been eating too many Christmas Cookies already?  I have to admit I am loving enjoying my morning cappuccino with a little extra deliciousness on the rim.  I kicked off this years LoveFeast Holiday Cookie Exchange making these shortbread style cookies.  You can find my Lime Wafer recipe HERE.

Kristin and I have been busy hosting the LoveFeast 3rd Annual Cookie Exchange.  We have such a lovely group of talented ladies adding their favorite cookie recipes at our table.  Each guest is giving away a cookbook from our LoveFeast Shop at their blog on the day that they guest at our blog.  Check out our Cookie Exchange Page to see who is next to guest!!

You’re invited to add your cookie recipe post at our LoveFeast Holiday Cookie Exchange HERE!

I stuck a little early Christmas present in the mail for Kristin this year.  I saw this Glittery Deer head and I HAD to get it for her.

Check out our new set of lovely Holiday Pumpkin Sets!  They are all 15% through December 31st in our LoveFeast Shop.

All Holiday Pumpkins and Velvet Pumpkins 15% off through 12/31 with Promo Code:  HOLIDAYPUMPKINS15

We love to see what customers are doing at home to decorate with our Velvet Plush beauties!  One of our friends, Janelle at Queen Of The House Of Boys is decorating up her mantel with all of our favorite things, silver frames, glittery trees, and of course velvet Plush Pumpkins!

Speaking of pumpkins and deer – we were thrilled to see this tablescape featuring our Deer Antlers and Snow Pumpkins from LoveFeast Shop over at the blog, Cote de Texas.

I gave my tips to taking having a great family lifestyle photography session HERE.  I promised I’d show a bit of the final product.  One of these may end up my Christmas card this year.

 Taking a family picture for the holidays? Check out ~ Family Lifestyle Photography Tips

Guess what’s happening at the end of this week?  Kristin and her husband, Devon will be visiting!  We needed an “in real life”  “meeting” for our business.  And, well…we just NEEDED to see each other.  Besides fluffing and puffing the guestroom I’m going to be sharing this DIY Pine cone project.  And, of course this week there will be a daily post in FEAST featuring COOKIES!!!

What are working on to get ready to celebrate the season?

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