Creating Fabric Covered Chargers

I have to confess, one of my favorite things to do is to set a table. I see it as an art project. It’s a place where I get to be creative with small projects that have big impact. This year I decided to use our Snow Plush Pumpkins as the inspiration for a Wintery Tablescape. (More on that in another post.) If you’ve seen our tables in the past, you will know that textures and layers are important to creating a stunning table. I decided this year to use different fabrics, with different patterns as a way to create interest for my tablescape.


About 5 years ago, I picked up a few stacks of bamboo plates at a yard sale. (They were new in the package.) I have gotten so much mileage from this purchase! For years I have used them as “natural element” chargers. The slight bamboo grain and the color added warmth to my table all year around. They were beginning to get a bit tired, so I decided to up-cycle these babies by covering them in fabric.

This is a super easy project.

The supplies you need:

1 jar of modge podge

1 paint brush

bamboo “disposable” plates



1. The first thing you want to do is cut the fabric about 1 inch larger than the plate. I recommend getting thinner fabric. It won’t be as bulky or difficult to glue down.


2. On the front side of the plate, cover it with an even coat of Modge Podge. (I used what I had on hand, but there is another type offered that is perfect for fabric. But this worked fine.)


3. Gently lay the cut fabric over the glue and press while pushing out any wrinkles. I started on one edge and worked my way into the middle and then around. 


4. Turn the plate over and brush Modge Podge around the rim. 


5. Going around the rim, gentle press the fabric into the glue while pulling the fabric so it makes a clean edge. Trim any excess fabric.


I love the way this sophisticate pinstripe turned out! This fabric was a linen and I found linen worked the best. I also found this textured fabric that I just loved, but it was a little more challenging to get it to stick to the glue. I wonder if the Modge Podge for fabric would have worked better.


But with a little ingenuity and a few wooden clothes pins…


I made it succumb to my whims.


I finished with a pile of textured beauties and can’t wait to show you how they were the key ingredient to a delicious table!



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