Dad is Great! Gives Us Chocolate Cake!!

Corban mixing Ok…really, mom is great!  So, get this…today is our friends Derek and Albert’s birthday.  They are coming over with a bunch of friends.  We get together to share a love feast every Sunday night.  So, this week I decided to make their favorite desserts as a gift!  Albert loves apple pie and Derek, chocolate cake.  I began to make my tried and true sour cream chocolate cake and realized I was out of unsweetened chocolate.  Zeb helping! I sent my husband Devon to the store.  While I was waiting, Chris Ann called.  “Did you see the Amateur Gourmet’s chocolate cake challenge?”  I hadn’t.  I quick logged on to check it out.  I said, “You will never believe this, but I am in the middle of making a chocolate cake!”  (What are the chances?)  I printed out the recipe off of his blog and shifted gears.  As I began to mix the ingredients, my kids began to filter in…one at a time.  They all wanted to help!  What was it?  “Make it and they will come?”  They were coming in droves to help!!  As I’m typing this, the layers are cooling…the pie is baking and my stomach is anticipating!!  I’ll keep you posted how it turns out!

The layers are now cooling!