Decorating With Pillows

This is my latest pillow purchase.  It’s a festive fall-ish whimsical burst of color right off my front door.  (Pier One)  It’s sits on my salvaged chair and gather my guests coats and purses.   I love how this pillow complements the burlap coffee sack cushion.  It’s making my happy right now, but in a couple of weeks it will be switched out for something that suites the festive coming season.  And, that is the power of the pillow – you can change the mood of a room with one quick switch.

The power of decorating with pillows is that you can change the mood and feel of a room without a whole lot of expense.

Switching out pillows is one way I celebrate the seasons.  These are some of my  summer pillows.  They are a simple felt floral applique. (Pier One)

I freshened my living room for fall with a print, a pop of blue, and some burlap. (Print ~ Pottery Barn, Burlap ~ TJMaxx)

On any given day the sofa in my living room can look like this.  (Blue ~ TJMaxx)

But, imagine how good I felt when I switched it to this?

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Pillow Power Tips ~

*Change pillows out to decorate for the seasons and holidays.

*Choose a pillow that is inviting.  Make sure it is soft and crush-able, not overly firm.

*Choose a pillow that has different textures than the item you are putting it on.  For example: shiny with burlap, stripes with prints, formal with whimsical.

*Choose a pillow with interesting trim, rope, tassels or embellishments.

*Choose a pillow that makes you smile.

Decorating with pillows is a great quick way to decorate for the holidays too.

What do you like to do to change the mood of you rooms?  Share your ideas and inspiration here!

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