How To Create Handmade Painted Bobby Pins

Back in the day when Kristin and I were raising our little people, I was know for whipping up craft projects for my kids.  I was a former middle school art teacher and I always had plenty of feathers, glitter, gem stones, glue and construction paper around.  There were afternoons Kristin would come over with her kids in tow, to find me and my kids at the kitchen table with a confetti burst of collage materials covering the floor all around us.  “How are you going to get this cleaned up!?” she’d gasp!  We have many a story about how when I create, projects and their parts just sort of explode around me and into other rooms.  She had been know to come by and help me reel it all in a time or two.  (Link to the “Christmas Giftwrapping Tips and Inspiration post HERE – better named, the “Wrapping Paper Incident Story”.)

Handmade Painted Bobby Pins would be sweet and thoughtful Christmas gifts, a great Teen Birthday Party activity or favor, and a fun DIY project for an afternoon Styleista!

I don’t pull out the glitter as much as I use to.  When I decided to do this Painted Bobby Pin DIY Project I had two things in mind.  First, I’ll be honest.  Farm out the post.  Kristin recently had her son Baker Boy do a post on Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies.  My daughter is Baker Boy’s age mate in our our steps of kids thus, she was my likely target for this project especially since it involved hair pretties and glitter.  Secondly, I had the opportunity to keep up my parenting tradition of laying out a great “glittery” hand made project.   She did this project with the help of her friend and composed this post in her own teen style! Farming out your kids to write your posts? – ahem, genius.

Step by step written directions on How To Create Handmade Painted Bobby Pins at the bottom of this post.

How To Create Handmade Painted Bobby Pins

  1. Clip your bobby pins to an edge of firm paper or cardboard.
  2. Paint the bobby pins with any fingernail polish.
  3. Finish your bobby pins with a clear basecoat of fingernail polish.
  4. Add fine glitter for sparkle.
  5. Let dry.
  6. Slide onto felt or burlap to create a pretty collection ready to gift.

Do you like to make handmade gifts?  What are your handmade gift ideas?


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  1. Love this Project!! Prefect for my daughters sleepover this weekend!!

  2. This post is adorable – and what a fun idea!


  4. Love it! She did wonderful! Watch out…the kids are going to take over! 🙂


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