Dog’s Cake Feast

Our new puppy, Roxy, celebrated her first official spa-ing, I mean grooming at Lulu & Luigi’s. (St. Louis Park, Minnesota location).  Roxy thinks I’m a genius because I brought her there for a doggy day trip.  If you need to spend some money on your dog, instead of yourself.  And, if you need to get your dog some cake  that you don’t get to eat.  Lulu & Luigi’s mini dog bakery is a great place to give your foodie dog some love!

“You can say any fool thing to your dog, and the dog will give you this look that says, “My God, you’re right!  I would have never thought of that.” -Dave Barry

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  1. Great diet plan. . . buy adorable yummy treats for the dog and avoid all temptation. . . or most temptation, those look very good.

  2. My little chihuahua would stand on her feet and dance for those treats. As it is now, she hangs in the kitchen and waits until I drop food and she pounces. She will anything from carrots to lasagna.

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