Beautiful Lady ~ Dress For The Day

We can multitask several children fed, dressed, lunches made, hair combed and out the door in less than 45 minutes. Have you ever wondered why it takes so much effort to get ourselves ready to go out the door?  Because, it just plain takes some effort.  Lately I have been trying to put a little bit of extra effort into getting “Dress For The Day“.  Funny thing is I had already started this effort, when one of my friends, blogger, started this weekly link up of inspiration to encourage us all to put in that extra effort.  I have found when I feel more pulled together I actually tend to have more energy and get more done.  I hope it inspires you to make that extra effort on you – because if you feel good about your reflection – you might just feel better about the day – because you’re worth it! (Also linked over at What I Wore Wednesday ~ The Pleated Poppy.)

I got my hair done this week.  I am super guilty of overusing the messy bun and ponytail look for too many days in a row.  Effort for me is to blow it straight – and ta-da I did and also added peek-a-boo highlights under my hair – subtle but still a fun change.

One of my go-to type outfits is what I’ll call the “Beautiful Lady”.  It is dressy enough for school conference, to have a business meeting, yet causal enough to be comfortable at home or while hauling kids in my minivan.

It’s one of my great “go-to” outfits with just 4 basic elements ~ a great boot, a comfy sweater, a great skirt and a scarf.

I have had these black suede boots for years.  I love them.  They always make me feel good.  Good boots are an investment that will pay you back in years and in time spent looking for the right shoe.


I’m a big believer in a scarf.  It’s fun and practical.  And, I think it brings together the outfit to a nice finish.


Taking a little extra effort won’t make them love you more – but it might make you feel a little bit more energized to take on the day.

Want some help to get shopping for a look like this now?  I had a fun time finding the same elements and pulling it together for an easy to shop for look.  Check it out ~ Beautiful Lady!

Beautiful Lady - Go-To Outfit 1