Entrepreneurial Spirit

I was at my aunt and uncle’s on Christmas.  They are both entrepreneurs.  They each had a dream, set out to pursue it and didn’t let anything stand in the way of making it happen.  My uncle was our business manager when we opened Jahva House.  He helped us write a business plan, think through the finances and marketing and was a wealth of information. He has an entrepreneurial spirit.

One of my cousins was sharing how he thought he may transition one day from being in law enforcement to starting his own company.  I said, “It’s a roller coaster ride.”  My uncle said, “It is, especially in the beginning. There are highs and lows.  But, then as you begin to walk it out, the distance between those hills begins to plateau and slowly climb.  That’s when it gets fun.”

My husband is self employed.  The past couple of years have been a roller coaster ride.  This last year, we’ve been hanging on for dear life.  But, the thought of going back to work for someone else doesn’t make us happy. There is something exhilarating about having a picture or a dream of what you want to create, then slowly building it…step by step until it takes on a shape and a personality that is all your own.

Chris Ann and I are beginning to move on from the beginning stages of our start up.  It has been a bumpy road.  We had a dream and a vision, but to be honest, we weren’t totally clear on that picture.  We knew we wanted to create careers for ourselves and we wanted to have a business that was a creative playground, so to speak.  The past three years we’ve pushed and pulled this lump of clay until it began to take shape.  Can I just say, last weekend, we had a “pinch us” moment.  The picture is becoming clear!  LoveFeast is becoming tangible and this roller coaster is moving.

If you’ve ever wanted to go into business for yourself but weren’t really sure…can I just encourage you, it is one of those rides.  You know the kind, while you’re on it, you’re screaming with every drop and wondering in your head why you ever talked yourself into getting on…but once you’re off, you go get back in line…’cause it was a thrill!  Here are a few of my tips for enjoying the ride:

1. Being willing to take a risk.

2. Have some sort of picture of where you’re going.

3. Determine to have white knuckle tenacity

4. Surround yourself with great people who will encourage you and who have an entrepreneurial spirit.

My daughter just asked me if I thought she could start a nail salon business at our house. (Chris Ann and I both have entrepreneurial kids.) I said, “Maybe not right now…but one day.” Then I picked up this knitted coffee cup cozy she made me for Christmas and said, “But, you could make these right now and start a business.” I love that the entrepreneurial spirit is being passed on.

Are you an entrepreneur or do you have a goal to be one, one day? We’d love to hear about it.