The Kitchen Project

14 years ago, Mike and Terrill Esposito began to travel to Cancun, Mexico with teams of teens from the US to serve a small community. As they built relationships with the locals, they began to see the needs this community had. Not just temporary needs, like food and clean water, but the types of help that could bring long lasting change and transformation.

They found a spot, near a few pop up, shanty homes where they envisioned this transformation. These homes were off the government grid and did not have running water or permanent foundations. Together with local churches they purchased land, cut back the jungle and begin to build foundations one brick at a time, as resources became available. Their vision is to build a Children’s Home and Community Center. This Children’s Home is not your typical orphanage. You see, the poverty is so great in this area that families often cannot support all of their children. Some can’t afford to feed, clothe and educate them. The Children’s Home will be a service to the community where the children could come and live, receive an education, clean water, and healthy meals and still stay connected to their families.

Fast forward to last year…on a business trip to Cancun, Chris Ann and Kristin, together with their husbands, met up with Mike at the site for an afternoon tour of the Children’s Home. Kristin’s husband had helped build 9 years ago when the property was not more than a few dug out holes and concrete slabs. On this visit there were a few shells of buildings and a completely finished swimming pool. Mike explained that they wanted to start opening the Center up to the community right away. They decided the pool was the best way to open up their doors to their neighbors and give them a place to be cool and have fun.

As we toured the site, we began to get excited. What if, LoveFeast Table could help see this Center come to fruition and completion?

We’re working on something fun and our creative juices are stirring.  We just have a few more details to work out with Mike and Terrill.

So, check back in.  There will be more to come…soon!