LoveFeast Family Beach Week At Ocean City

The LoveFeast Family Beach Week was just perfect!  Our Brek Family of 6 road tripped it from the Minny-Apple to B’more to celebrate the Pots’ oldest sons’ graduation from high school.  Even though we have been Family Friends for 18 years, it was great to see our whole families instantaneously re-connect after 2 years!  We arrived just in time to help with the last minute prep for a Vintage Americana Graduation Party, before enjoying a week of rest at Ocean City, Maryland.

After the party we headed to the beach.  Even though it was a bit chilly on the first day it was still a perfect day to enjoy the smallest of our crew resting like an angel…

We enjoyed the quiet and the waves together while are oldest boys strolled and made sand castles like they have been doing for 18 years.  Our middle kids enjoyed the adventure of the board walk.

Our “Beach Butlers” (aka our husbands) surprised us with fresh deliver hot coffee with a touch of Baileys and salted caramels from Candy Kitchen ~ ahhh the life!  (Also the secret to long happy marriages!)

You could say we were living The Bella Vita!  Sure, we like something fancy every now and then, but it is the simple things of life like savoring enjoying the moment, that make life beautiful!  Even our girls are getting our message and have absorbed the LoveFeast brand ~ bringing home matching henna tattoos from the board walk!

What is The Bella Vita?  The beautiful life! 

Being together ~ and sharing that common table of life we enjoy. 

We’ve changed our kids’ diapers, swung kids at the park, brought each other groceries, cooked each other meals, shared coffee and lunch, worried over teens and fevers, cleaned up spills, thrown parties – big and small, started businesses and traveled.  To us enjoying our families, each other, and dreaming up the next adventure is all a part of what we think is ~  the beautiful life!

To catch up on the latest ~ here has been what has been happening around our LoveFeast Table while we’ve been beaching it!

We’ve have 2 winners of our latest Giveaway ~ our new feature product Wine Bottle Candles!  They’ve been selling in our LoveFeast Shop ~ online boutique, along with Mother’s Tree Of Life Necklaces for mothers and grandmothers, art, the 365 Gathered Thoughts Box and ALREADY our famously beautiful Velvet Pumpkins as people are preparing ahead for parties and decorating the fall season!!

We are getting ready to add ADVERTISERS to our blog in a more assertive way ~ so if you think you would like to be a part of our INSANELY BUSY FALL PUMPKIN SEASON ~ let us know and we’ll send you our Media Packet!

What else?  We are doing the regular Mom summer stuff:  swimming lessons, baseball, soccer, and keeping up with the laundry.

We keep up on the phone daily as we are prepping our LoveFeast Shop for the fall shopping season, planning our editorial calendar and another BlogLove Event this fall!

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What are you up to this summer?


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