Family Lifestyle Photography Tips

The truth is I made this photography sitting at the last minute just a few days before this shoot. The photographs from this post are not the finished products, by any means. Between my youngest son and myself we managed to capture some of the “behind the scenes” of our lifestyle photo shoot, while wrangling the dog, searching for the flung pink headband and wading through the knee high grass.  Here are my tips for a Family Lifestyle Photography session that will be enjoyable for your family and will produce some great shots.

Tips for a Family Lifestyle Photography Session

Hire someone or have somebody else (with descent photography skills) take the pictures if possible.  I have good equipment and can take a good shot.  But, having someone else organize my kids on that sofa.  Priceless.

Be flexible.  Having a photographer that is flexible and personable will make the experience a good one for your family.  You want “personalities” not “perfection”.  The picture should feel like yourselves.

Be yourselves.  Every family has a star.  Let yours shine!  Our family is almost always focused on the little Fancy Sister.  As you can see by the pink leggings (her choice) and the sassy shoulder she’s the center of attention.  Letting personalities shine through will add interest and a natural quality to your photographs.

Yeah, there was that moment where the pink headband went flying.  But, we worked through it.

Be comfortable and casual in your dress.  Casually blend colors that work together.  In our case we gathered shades of turquoise with a bit of hot pink.  Don’t force anyone to wear something that they don’t feel good in.  That said.  I negotiated an early Christmas present of the wearing of a pink headband.  I have found through the years I like the more natural shots.  The shots aren’t necessarily perfect.  But, they are us.  And, my fancy girl wears a headband almost everyday.  Except the day that I wanted her to.

Ladies ~ Try to stay at a 25% angle away from the camera.  Keep most of your weight on the foot furthest from the camera for a slimming effect.  Let your hands fall naturally and comfortably.

Men ~ Don’t stick your hands completely in your pockets.  Or, it will look like you don’t have any.

Afternoon light is best.  The light right before what I like to call the “Golden Hour” captures the best and most flattering light.

Take a lot of shots.   You never know what will get captured.  Take shots at different and unique angles.

Two hours was the perfect amount of time for a family lifestyle sitting. We allocated 2 hours for this excursion into the weeds and it was the perfect amount of time to get the shots we needed.

If you live in the Minneapolis area I highly recommend our talented photographer Sharon Elander of Graceful Reflection Photography.  It is wonderful to see someone using their talents and doing something they are passionate about.

{You can see Sharon’s work  at her Photography Site.}

Yay!  One more thing checked off the to-do list.  The finished product is coming soon!  I’ll promise to share our final family pictures with you!  I hope these tips help you to create a memorable and beautiful Family Lifestyle Photograph.  If you have any tips to add, or funny experiences caught along the way in your family photography please add your story in the comments below!

Family Lifestyle Photograph Tips

*Hire someone if possible.

*Be flexible.

*Be Yourselves.

*Wear comfortable and casual dress with limited patterns.

*Ladies stay at a 25% angle away from the camera.

*Men don’t cover your hands completely away in your pockets.

*Afternoon light is most flattering.

*Take lots of shots and at unique angles.

*2 hours is the perfect amount of time to allocate for a sitting.

Share in our comments!  Do you have a Holiday Card Tradition or some family photography tips or stories to add? 


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