Fancy Friday Antiques


Fancy Friday Antiques is here!  It’s time to share our well worn treasures!!  Many of us like antiques and vintage things because something old often has a story that goes with it.   Something old has been loved, worn, survived, and aged with a patina that shows it has lived a well used life.  These are some of my aged and well-loved things in my home and some of their stories.

This picture is of my husband’s Great Grandfather.  He was a missionary and a minister.  This picture is dated:  New York 1905.  It is often a conversation piece with guests to our home and we enjoy it because then we get to share a bit of our family’s history and story with them.


These tarnished serving pieces were used by my husband’s Great Grandfather for communion.  The picture behind use to hang in my Grandma Bessie’s kitchen.  The same Grandma Bessie that made Banana Bread in and old coffee can.  It is a dinner prayer in Norwegian.


These are some of the dishes I remember my grandmother used.



This is an old and repaired ironstone tourine that Kristin gave me for my birthday one year.  I love its clean smooth lines.


These are my stack of dishes in an old shabby chic cabinet my Dad bought for me when I was about to have my first baby.  I was way over due and we needed things to do.  I was nesting.


And, that tassel.  It’s new.  But, I bought one for Kristin years ago and one hangs in her house too.  Maybe some day it will be a little faded and someone will wonder where it hung.  Well mine hangs here.  Kristin hangs…at least last time I was at her house…on a curtain at her window.

This is Kristin’s china.  It has a story.


And, now that story continues.  The china is boxed up and ready to be taken back.


Someday it may be a part of her story.


And, that’s what’s so wonderful about antiques.  They have lived a long life, mingled around us, shared in our moments and touched our lives and continue to carry a story…like these green antique school house chairs.  My Dad painted them green.  They use to have funky electric blue cushions.  It was the 60’s.  Now they are in my home and making new moments in our lives.


What’s the story of your antiques?