Fancy Friday BlogLove™ Minnesota


Fancy Friday is here!!  And, this Friday we are feeling very fancy about all the bloggers that showed up to the first Minnesota BlogLove™ event!!  BlogLove events are meant to be inspiring and experiential networking events.  In June, LoveFeast hosted a BlogLove in Kristin’s stomping ground at Zeke’s Coffee Shop in Baltimore, Maryland.  We had a coffee tasting and learned about roasting beans and picked our LoveFeast Brew.  Here in Minnesota the theme was European Market Place and was held at Camille en Rouge in Prior Lake.


Janelle, created a beautifully designed apron for a giveaway.



Kelli, custom designed BlogLove swag bags.  They were reversible and each on was unique!


Rachael and Patty from the Aveda, Southdale Mall in Edina, MN came out and treated us all to hand massages!  Word at the party was that our husbands were tucked under a tent receiving hand massages!!  We think it was on the down low cause we don’t have any pictures to prove it!!  If anyone does…please share the love!!


Why were our husbands at BlogLove?  They are not bloggers!  They were there cleaning up dishes, swapping out platters, and serving food!!  They put the love in the feast!!


Edelweiss Bakery in Prior Lake provided French croissants that went with the amazing Spanish Caesar Salad made by Devon, Kristin’s husband.   Many of you have asked for the recipe and with a little cajoling Devon’s agreed to share it!  It is one for the LoveFeast Cookbook though!!



Camille, of Camille en Rouge shared her store and her passion for picking out beautiful treasures with us all.  She said, “If you love it buy it!”  She also shared…”You can never have too much passion!”  We agree!

And, speaking of passion~we were so thankful to have Suzanne from Life Behind The Camera and Suzanne Jeanne Photography share her passion with us as our official BlogLove photographer for this BlogLove event.


So, thank you to all those who showed up for BlogLove Minnesota & to Amanda who made us these signature cookies!!  We heart you!!



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