Fancy Friday ~ Blogs We LOVE

An inspiring blog that you love is like having a lovely slice of pie.  Only it’s so good, you have to share!  Last week we talked about our plan to share blogs around the themes of our categories, LOVE, FEAST, TABLE and LIFE.  This week you are invited to share with us the blogs you LOVE because we sharing about blogs that inspire and make us happy!  frolic! is a blog that does just that.  Even the name makes us happy!  It’s full of ooos and ahhhs and creative ideas!  Scrumptious to bite into, like pie!

Nectar & Light, uber cool.  I mean look at this logo!  Beautiful images, amazing decor and artful eating.  It’s full of sweet inspiration and beauty.

The Moroccan styled poofs are everywhere right now.  Poppytalk shared this poof of inspiration via Better Homes via Curbly ~ where there is DIY instructions.  This blog was a new find but will be a source of inspiration from now on!!  And check out the backdrop…it’s like a more rustic version of our table!

Artsy Forager is a  newer blog we instantly fell in love with.  Lesley approaches art in a way that draws you in.  Recently we told her we are her new stalkers friends.  Take a bite out of this ~ Falling Seeds #8 by Gustavo Castillo via Artsy Forager via Gustavo Castillo.

Kelli Murray has a style is both whimsical yet sophisticated.  And, her look-books (almost) want us to be pregnant again.  Photos are by Joielala and sketches by Kelli Murray.

Bri Emery describes her site, D E S I G N L O V E F E S T as a place “Where types & images totally make out.”  Every image, photo and type she merges together is luscious and delicious.  We promise a stop by here will leave you mesmerized and make sure you check out rue while you’re there.

That’s our round up on blogs that we LOVE, that inspire and make us happy!  Do you have a favorite blog that inspires you?  We’d love to have you share in the conversation at our table.   What blogs do you LOVE?


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