Fancy Friday Container Gardens

Container gardens have always been one of my favorite things.  Every year I plant containers of all sorts urns, planters and pots.  Last summer I even planted succulents in an old rusty lunch box.   On my front porch I plant mostly flowers.

This year I planted a small tropical fruit tree into a clay pot.  The tag says it’s small oranges will be good in salads.

After some summer sun the pots on my back deck fill out into bountiful beauties.  I usually plant a few types of vegetables ( tomatoes, lettuces and peppers) and herbs of every kind.

Container gardens can come in all sizes.  These Canning Jar Gardens were one of my spring projects.  They are perfect for a summer table centerpiece.

Another container tip is adding unique pieces of interest in the container or urn.  The succulents in my cement urn snuggle up against the shiny ornamental sphere.

When we went to Italy we saw one of the best container gardens ever.


See the little rocks on top of the pot?  I have used rocks, moss, shells and other found objects to decorate my container gardens.  They draw the eye in and make the viewer feel like they have spotted something special.

Here’s more Italian container garden inspiration ~

Roma-Firenze-Toscanna 031

Over the landscape and in an enchanted back alley ~

Roma-Firenze-Toscanna 029Italia092

And, mingled with the everyday ~

Roma-Firenze-Toscanna 027

Container gardens will indulge your need for a little beauty every day!

We’d love to see and hear about your container garden inspiration!!



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  1. I love my terra cotta pots filled with bright flowers… and the squirrels won’t leave them alone! They keep digging all my flowers out, so I only have one lone hanging container out this year lol Darn squirrels!

  2. Michelle says:

    I’ve used broken bits of pottery around flowers in containers and the critters actually left them alone.

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