Fancy Friday Dishes

up close flow blue

Kristin’s Dishes:  A fancy dish could be a dish that was passed down from your mother-in-law.  I wonder how many meals were served with this flow blue plate as the center piece?

seashell bowls

This stack of real seashell bowls were passed down from my great grandmother.  She entertained with fine china and linen napkins.  I bet the ladies wore white gloves while they were being served shrimp cocktail in these fragile dishes.

limoges teapot

Fancy could be that gem of a teapot found at a yard sale.  This beauty was loved and repaired with thought and care.

happy plates

These plates just make me happy.

lamb plate

The “Lamb Plate” is very fancy in my book!  It was found on an antiquing day with my girlfriends!  It’s large and heavy and has served many a lamb dish to friends that gather at my table.

Moroccan bowl

This bowl was given to me by a dear friend.  His mother came to visit him from Morocco.  She brought this with her and prepared an amazing meal of cous cous and vegetables on it!  We ate with our hands that night and listened to his stories from back home.

travel plate black background

This little plate was given to me by a friend for my birthday.  Every time I look at it, I think of far away places…


Chris Ann’s Dishes:  These teacups were brought back from two college friends who went to teach English in Japan.


These are my Grandma Bessie’s dishes.  I remember Waldorf Salad distinctively on these plates.


These were Grandma Bessie’s as well.  She’s the same Grandma that made Banana Bread in an old coffee can.


These silver dishes were my husband’s Great Grandfather’s used for serving communion.


These are Kristin’s dishes kept in my care…for now.


These are the dishes we loved at the Golden West Cafe.


Collecting dishes when I travel is one of my favorite things to do.  This antique plate is from a shop on Portobello Road in London.


This is part of my sets of dishes.  My teapot.  My husband’s gift to me on our first Christmas.

Thanks for joining us on this Fancy Friday!  We can’t wait to see your dishes and the stories they tell!

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