Fancy Friday Doors and Walls

Come on in!

woodburned door

You know you want to open the door and take a peek inside!

moms door

Kristin’s (very patient) mom, wood-burned her entire front door!

mom's fr door

This is in Kristin’s mom’s study…she free hand painted it.

wall in moms

wall in mom's

Look around at some of our fancy walls!

This is a close-up of Chris Ann’s bedroom wall.  Her bedroom is painted in Ralph Lauren’s Candlelight finish called Tea and Sweets.  Who can resist Tea and Sweets?  It has the softest luminescence yet is still modern.


To cure her cabin fever-

bathroom paint

Kristin completed this during Snowapocolypse in B’More.

bathroom wall

This is Chris Ann’s pink dining room! (Sherwin-Williams Memorable Rose).  Suburbia Man never ever questioned painting a color that looked like pepto-bismol in the dining room.


Chris Ann’s office in a soft suede finish (Pratt & Lambert Classic Suede in Amarula)-it’s a perfect quiet background behind the linen bulletin board.


We just have to show this again, because it’s totally fancy and we love it…so much we have wallpaper envy.

red wallpaper-1

(This wallpaper is currently hung in the house of the Hollywood Housewife)


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