Fancy Friday Five ~ Makes Me Smile

I was all set to share a few things I’ve found “Fancy” this week, but this morning, when I went to check my facebook, a friend had posted this video! A woman climbs over the Williamsburg Bridge in NYC and performs an aerial show that will take your breath away. I always find performance art Fancy.

Last night as my kids sat around watching America Idol, somehow, felt, needles, buttons and thread came out and three of my boys and my daughter decided to stitch together dolls. It was totally a Fancy moment. This little scrap of happiness was made by my daughter.  Handmade anything is Fancy!

My sister gave this tear drop garden glass topiary-beauty to me for my birthday. It dangles in my kitchen and makes me smile every time I look at it.

That same sister (I adore her!) loves to handmake intricate things, just like my daughter. She made these delicate macrame earrings for me that rock out any outfit. Who would’ve thought that macrame could be beautiful? Chris Ann likes to say, “Let’s bring ugly back!”

The message in the box of this Tocca lotion, is Fancy. It’s a great reminder to make yourself Fancy.

What was Fancy to you this week? We’d love to hear!