Fancy Friday Five Link Party

If you’ve been pulling up a chair at our table every Friday, you are familiar with our Fancy Friday Link Party.  Fancy Fridays have been days where we stretch our creative wings and write about things we find fancy.  Honestly, we tried to get really creative.  We might have themed a Fancy Friday~Black and White and posted black and white pictures that represented a poem we wrote about a life lived in the black and white. Or it may have been Fancy Friday~Blogs We LOVE where we shared a few blogs that just made us smile.

We asked you to join us, think outside the box and share in the carnival fun.

We were supposed to post that calendar of “themes” ahead of time…supposed to.

We realized we may have made Fancy Friday too complicated…taking away from the Fancy.

So, for 2012 we’ve decided to give Fancy Friday a facelift!

Click your heels together and Meet…Fancy Friday Five!

Every Friday, we will host the Fancy Friday Five link party, where you can link up and share with us Five things that you found Fancy that week.

Just Five Fancy things.

They can be Five of the same things…Five Fancy cake recipes, Five Favorite blog posts, Five Favorite songs, Five Favorite quotes.


You can share Five random things that you found Fancy…a poem, a conversation, a craft, a recipe and a ribbon.


So, please mark your calendar, alert your google to ding you…Fridays are about to get…


We will get started next week.  We can’t wait to see what makes it on your Fancy Friday Five list.


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