Fancy Friday Glass

glass hurricane

Glass…we have to admit, we weren’t feeling the love.  Some days just aren’t fancy.  But, when we began to search around our world, we realized there were a few things that were worthy.

great grandma's crystal glass

Like my great grandmother, GaMa’s crystal cut bowls with a snowflake design.  They are so delicate.

snowflake design

This hand painted Venetian Grappa glass my father in law brought back from Italy.

venetian grappa glass

Then my mother in law gave me this hand blown ornament, because she knew I’d love it!

handblown blue glass

The “Scotch Glass” is my husband’s favorite, given to him by my sister! (our family has great taste!)

scotch glass

These golden beauties were given to us by friends when they moved to Georgia.  They left them behind so we wouldn’t forget them!

golden glasses up close

This is “Not So Fancy Broken Stained Glass” next to my front door.  It needs to be fixed, but it reminds me of the little hands that helped create the little peep hole!

broken stained glass

Cake stands…my obsession.

cake stands

This isn’t a great picture, but this is my fancy new chair! I had to slip it in here some how!

glass cake stand on chair

There is a collection of these in my hallway.  This is the only glass one.  Plus, I love the way this picture turned out!

glass cross 2

When I was a teenager, I purchased these at a flea market.  I loved them then and I still love them now!

Mason jars

LoveFeast Table is all about dinner parties!  Our one tip of the day, lots of wine glasses stashed for a crowd!

glasses ready for a party

It’s amazing when you stop and look at your every day…and see that the ordinary is really a treasure.