Fancy Friday Halloween Party

Be on the look out for “Fierce Bunnies”.  You never know where they might be lurking.  Every year we host a pre-trick-or-treating Halloween party.  There will be some critters and fierce bunnies lurking around our Teen Halloween Party – again this year again.

My plan for this party every year, is to make it easy, relaxed, and flexible enough to add more guests as extra people stop in.  I have to have free enough time to be able to add the last bit of costume tweaking.  I do the same meal every year.  Walkin’ Tacos – or in other words a taco dish that you can walk around with.  I like to think it’s better than something you would get at King Burger.












Here are my Halloween Party Tips that I use every year~


1.  Walkin’ Tacos:  Prep taco meat in crockpot so it stays warm.  Salad cheese and taco fixins’ in bowls and gathered on platters with a few random eye balls thrown in.  Serve buffet style.

2.  Hot cider on the stove for when trick-or-treaters return.  Makes a lovely welcoming smell and warms up everyone.

3.  Decorate with festive candy and take home favors such as finger pops in a jar or caramel apples.


1. Use festive disposable plates, napkins, and forks.  Every year I get paper shallow bowl plates at the party store (you can see in pictures above.)  They keep spills and sliding plates and a minimum and clean up quick.

2.  Drinks go in a tin barrel with some ice and plastic animal critters from the toy bin.

3.  Gather up all plastic spiders, toy snakes or any other creepy critters and stick them all about your buffet.





























An easy party with more treats than tricks ~






will make you and your teen guests ~ Gaga ~ over it all!

Got a great Halloween tip, treat or trick your dieing to share?  We’d love to hear the story of your Fall Fest, Halloween party or Harvest Celebration!