Fancy Friday Hats ~ Kentucky Derby Style

And so we didn’t.  Kristin made hers…

And, I made mine…

On our first evening at the GE Momsperience we were treated to hat making led by the lovely ladies from Dee’s Crafts.  What a treat.

It was fun to get to know everyone’s personal style and flair right off the bat!
















Word on the street or at least in the 21c Museum Hotel is that later on that evening two crazy hat ladies were caught in the art gallery mixing with the artwork!

Then, on the following evening all the lovely blogging ladies were able to enjoy a dinner and a bit of horse racing history at Churchill Downs.

















This was our first time at Churchill Downs and we made a promise to come back and watch a race some day.

Then we landed in our beds ~ tired out from painting the town red!

Here’s to Fancy Hats!


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