Fancy Friday Lemon Zest

Fancy Words to live by…When life hands you lemons…




make lemonade.



Sometimes lemonade doesn’t quite meet the need, so you could scoop up some special ingredients…

vintage scooper

butter dish

eggs in pyrex

and make lemon souffle!



Maybe you need to soar higher…



travel farther or…



linger longer to find your zest.  But if you stop to remember…


what sweet things your everyday life has to offer…


olive oil jar 2

tea pot


yellow lamp on wood

you’ll realize you’re lemons are pretty delicious after all!


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  1. This fancy friday made me tear up. I’ve got a few lemons right now–thanks for reminding me to look on the bright side!

  2. Awe Beth!! Anytime you wanna make lemonade or drink it (spiked), let me know!

  3. GORGEOUS! I adore all things lemon (fruit, color, zest, etc) and these are all quite amazing. Beautiful message and poignant reminder as well.

    Pretty, pretty, pretty.

  4. Love love love lemons…Im crazy in love with lemons. They just cheer me. Thanks for the photos….Im in the mood for a lemony dessert today!

  5. Oh my goodness – I actually want to eat this post with a spoon!

  6. Happy Fancy Friday!! This is my favorite way to use lemons:

  7. Beautiful pictures! I totally want some lemon creme pie now.

  8. Mmm, love everything you posted!

    I linked up!

  9. Since I just got home from the hospital this afternoon…I was going to bow out…but I couldn’t resist this opportunity to reflect and turn my lemons into something sweet and delicious! Thank you for the inspiration! Love you girls!

  10. Beautiful!

  11. We’re Greek so we use lemons for everything including our elbows. Don’t ask! Our Avgolemono Soup is one of our very favorites. Love the presentation, ingenious as always.
    Ladies! My hat goes off to you!!!

  12. What is it about this time of year that makes lemon and citrus so appealing…maybe months of gray. Loved your post. Beautiful, beautiful photos and inspiring drink ideas!

  13. I love the tale in photos….and the lemon souffle rocks (I’m partial to things baked or done in lemon shells!). Superb, yellow and bright

  14. I have to say that lemons are some of my favorite things too..from my daily slice in my water at lunch to the occational lemoncello martini 😉 to my fresh made lemon curd in little phillo shells topped with a blueberry or raspberry..just makes life a little yummy! I think we are in need of a big glass of lemonade…thanks for the reminder!! L U


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