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Thank you for joining us for Fancy Friday! The prompt today is, “Share a time with or memory of your mom, where life was Beauty Full.” The Inlinkz link up button is at the bottom of the page along with our featured giveaway. Thank you for joining us!

Handmade Paper Dolls

Kristin’s Memory

The above picture isn’t very beautiful, but the memory is Beauty Full. On Christmas Eve this year, we had another flood. This time in our storage unit. Directly under the busted pipe was my childhood scrapbook. It was ruined. But it was so full of memories I decided to go through page by page and capture them on camera. One of the pages took me back to a time when I was about my daughter’s age (10).

Growing up, my father was a pastor. Where there was a lack of money, both my parents made up for it with creativity. My mother especially. She was pretty passionate that we take a vacation every year, whether we could afford it or not. Usually those vacations meant pitching a tent and camping out so there were funds to visit historical sites or amusement parks during the day. She was a teacher too, so we were always learning. Vacations were special. They meant turkey lunch meat on sandwiches and not the usual bologna and mustard and green grapes instead of red delicious apples. But, one of my favorite vacation treats, were the extra special creative things my mom would tuck into the trip, to keep us occupied. She would make me paper dolls. She would draw me, the doll. Then she would create page after page of outfits for me to dress my doll with. Then I would spend the car ride, coloring and adding detail.  I’d carefully cut them out and do a fashion show for my mom and dad.

I’m sure she saw the lingering in my eyes when we went to Williamsburg, VA and I saw the colonial paper dolls. But, like a caring mama, she wanted to give me my heart’s desire, so she improvised using her greatest gift, creativity.

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  1. What a sweet story! Thank you for sharing! It’s so interesting how creativity is passed like genetics through family members.

  2. mary fanara coleman says:

    Life with my Mom that was BEAUTIFUL was when I was young was learning how to bake in our tiny kitchen in Ohio. She always had the old 40’s music playing. I don’t think there was a time when I didn’t hear music coming from that little kitchen of ours. I spent hours with my Hungarian mother in the kitchen watching and learning her skills of baking that she learned from her mother and grandmother. Today I still carry on by making the traditional bakery that she patiently taught me how to make. Passing it on to my daughter is precious time spent with her. I have been blessed and am forever grateful for taking the time to watch my Mom while I was growing up. I love you Mom.

    I have a photo here that you can copy and paste. I didn’t know any other way to share unless I post it on your fb page.

  3. How do we find out who won the pillow? I hope it’s meeee 😀

  4. Chris Ann says:

    We are thrilled to announce the winner is Crystal Stine!!


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