Fancy Friday Link Up~Favorite Meal Memory

What is your favorite meal memory? Everyone has one. Maybe it was a meal shared with a friend who lives far away, or maybe the food flavors all came together and everything on the table was delicious, maybe it was just a moment where the conversation was a turning point in your life or your family was all together on a holiday.


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A Right Off The Boat Meal Memory…

I wish I had taken pictures of that day, because it’s one that will stand out in my memory as one amazing meal. The sun was shining that summer day. It wasn’t too hot and there was a slight breeze. Devon called to say that he and his friends had caught a large rockfish on the boat. They were bringing it home to clean and cook up. I called Chris Ann and her husband and said, “Come over and join us for dinner!.” Because they lived so close, they finished what they were doing and were over in a few minutes. (Those were the days…she was right down the street.) After the fish was scaled in my back yard, and Devon de-boned it, he seasoned it and set it aside while he prepped the rest of the food. As we were buzzing in the kitchen, the conversations were great and the moment relaxed. This spontaneous meal was turning out to be something special.

Devon whipped up fresh mango, coconut sticky rice and a mango, pineapple, mint salsa for the rockfish. When the meal came off the grill and was served on the plates, time stood still for me. Every flavor was fresh and poignant. I had never had fish right off the boat. The summer fruits were bright and colorful and the conversations lingered into the night. The tastes of the evening are forever fixed in my mind.