Fancy Friday Mugs

Kristin’s Mugs~

Look closely and you can see a coffee stain in this mug! This is my happy mug and it was given to me on my Birthday from my kids.  I drink my Americano out of it every morning.

my happy mug

This little baby was given to me by Chris Ann years ago.  She bought it while she was in NY at one of our favorite stores, Fishs Eddy.  I love to serve lattes in it for our guests!

fisher's eddy mug

Whenever we travel, we pick up mugs.  Devon brought the black one back from Ukraine.  The other two were from a trip to India.   I love the texture!

Can you guess where these are from?  I’ll give you a hint…the black one is fashioned after a favorite pint…of Guinness.  Yes, these ceramic beauties were made in Ireland.  A coffee shop we visited in Belfast used the Guinness mugs as their house mugs.  We had to have one!


Those of you who have traveled to India would recognize these as tea cups.  But, we leave them stacked right next to our coffee maker.  When we have a house full of guests, this is what we use!  They fit perfectly in the palm of your hand.

india tea mugs

Here is one of the pair that I bought with Chris Ann at a craft fair in Minnesota.  The other one is Devon’s morning mug.  It’s either in his hand or in his truck.  He has a double shot of espresso in his.  His mug has little Nintendo controllers on it!

art fair mug

This is our newest addition.  It doesn’t have a story…I just like it.

handthrown mug

This little cup was picked up for .53 cents at a thrift store.

thrift store mug

And this cup was given to us because those who know us, know we refer to our morning nectar as liquid love!

liquid love

Chris Ann’s Mugs~


These are the Martha Stewart-colored mugs that I’ve had for almost 18 years.  My husband and I bought them when we first were married.  They remind me of the early 90’s.  They have been incredibly sturdy.  But, they’ve been replaced by these.  These are fancy.  They chip easily, but we don’t care.  They are like small bowls.  Perfect for our morning lattes!!


This is my bowl of bliss at home!


Our children needed little mugs too.  So, we picked these out on a trip to Germany.


Kristin and I picked two pairs of these mugs out at an art fair.


Little owl mug is a favorite.  I only have two.  So sweet.


We can’t wait to hear about your favorite mugs!


Many of our mugs come from our travels and special friends and memories!  Yes, our cups are fancy but, useful too!  Our mugs inspire us by helping us remember friends and faraway places!  That’s why we linked up with Melissa, at The Inspired Room!  She likes to decorate with inspiration in mind, just like us.

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