Fancy Friday-Pictures

I love the pictures on my walls.  They each have a story.  Like this one.  It was given to me by my husband on our first anniversary.  It hangs above my bed.

1st Anniversary

This one that my mother took.  It reads like a miniature oil painting and captures a moment with my son and baby daughter.

miniature oil painting

Teapot, that daughter has grown and painted me this little number.  It sits on my kitchen windowsill.

Teapot's painting

This was taken when my oldest, Drama Boy, was about 7.  I always think of U2’s War album.

U2 War

This little watercolor I picked up when traveling in Italy.  I love artwork that reminds me of  where I’ve been.


It’s pretty isn’t it?  I think you should look a bit closer!


Or these colorful pieces picked up in China.  They hang in my guest room.

china party

ceremonial cloth

china pic

This is a sweet little bowl I brought back from South Africa.  It makes me want to go back!

africa bowl

My dad painted this for me. It makes me smile.

dad's painting

This was our coffee shop, Jahva House.  It had three floors, was packed with art and creative guests.  One of them took this for us.  It hangs in my living room.

Jahva House

Another customer drew this for us.  It’s a rendering of my husband and an employee playing chess during some down time.

Playing chess

Don’t you love the bridesmaid’s dresses in my grandparent’s wedding? They are just plain fancy!


What pictures do you have hanging in your house?  What stories do they tell?



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