Fancy Friday Purses

Every Friday we like to cover what we feel is fancy on our Fancy Friday posts!  And, we invite you to join the conversation by commenting or by grabbing our badge and linking your Fancy Friday post on whatever that particular week’s theme is at the bottom of our Fancy Friday post!  This Friday the theme is purses!


We got our inspiration this week from Devra, who we met at Momz Share.  She is the co-author of Parentopia, and her latest post is called, “What’s In Your Purse?  What’s In Your Man Bag?”  Well, this is what’s in my big purple purse.  A smaller purse.  It’s my little black purse.  Just like the little black dress, every girl should have one.  It’s handy.


And, inside it is my wallet.  My wallet was a bit of a treat.  I got it with some birthday money my parent’s gave me.  It’s little, but sooo functional.  It’s the best thing I ever did in the wallet department.  It’s both dressy and casual and the gray quilting makes me happy.


Along with the wallet and the small black purse, there are some other things.  Through Devra’s post we learned that Allison, from Petite Elephant is actually doing a series about the insides of purses called “What’s In Your Purse Right Now?”   This is what was in the bottom of mine:  My business card, receipts, change, a Storables credit card, a pen, my checkbook, Orbit bubble mint gum and gum wrappers, Bobbi Brown concealer, hairbands and pins, and my wallet.


But I digress…this post is really suppose to be about the purses!  So here is a rundown of some of my favorites.  I have others I have to admit and probably should do some closet cleaning like Ree.  But, until then here are some that I can’t part with yet:

This is not this summer’s, but last summer’s white bag.  I like it cause it’s not to cute or prissy for a white bag.


There probably will never be a good time to get rid of this old Louis Vuitton that I got at a second-hand store in Maryland.  It’s been used and abused and that’s why I love it.  It’s not too precious.  Even though it’s a Louis.


This ones a keeper.  Kristin brought it back from her world-wide travels.  It’s very light weight, structured, and sturdy.  I think she got it at a market in the Philippines.


This is a bag I pack in my suitcase when I go on vacation.  It’s a happy evening bag that I think goes with anything because it’s happy.


This is a slouchy bag I got in London.  I love it.  It’s vibrant and artsy.


This Italian black purse is perfect for New York City.  It’s from Century 21 one of my fav’ NYC shopping meccas.


This bag I got in Italy.  Kristin and I both got great soft leather bags at the market in Florence.


Even though I bring back leather purses when I go to Italy…truth be told I tote this around while I’m there.  It’s light, durable, and can handle both my camera and a travel book.


It’s also safety orange so if I get lost in a crowd you can find me.


And, this “last-but-not-least” purse is my last year’s “fall-through-winter” purse.  It’s fate is yet unknown.  Do you think it can go another season?  Is it too “TJMaxx-so-last-year”?  Is the slow-fade look still in?  Is there another word for the slow-fade look?  If you’re a fashionista…do chime in!  Hollywood, Hollywood are you there?  Please chime in!  I need advice.  Quick!  BlogHer ’10 is almost here!


What’s the story behind your bags?  Do tell!


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