Fancy Friday Shoes~BlogHer Or Bust!

green jeans

OK my friends its time for a little “what’s going on behind the scenes” chat!!  Kristin & I are doing our “SuperMom” routines trying to get ourselves out the door for our New York City blog conference, BlogHer 10.  We’ve had meetings, soccer tryouts, laundry to do, swimming lessons, kids to bathe and schlep around, meals to make, and….on top of that, business cards to create, bios to write, orthodontist appointments to make, posts to keep up with, parties to plan (BlogLove!), suitcases to pack (BlogHer 10)….AND…did I mention we are both potty training our puppies?  Yep, that is more than a heap of stuff to do.

On top of all that we’ve been virtually shopping via are mobile phones with wardrobe updates for earrings and shoes for our NYC BlogHer conference.  So, in honor of all the right “heels” we’ve looked for this week.  We’ve decided that this Fancy Friday gets to be all about shoes!  Any bloggers who want to play along in our blog party…post your shoes for BlogHer 10 or your shoes~just because…and tell us your story!  Are you going to take some pain for fashion or are you going to relax back in your flip flops!!  Just grab our badge here and join the fun!

Also, we are working behind the scenes to bring a great BlogLove gathering to Minnesota!  We are so very excited to have Aveda sending a team for hand massages to our event at Camille en Rouge.  There is going to be awesome shopping, an Aveda perfume bar to choose a signature scent from and of course many Minnesota bloggers we are waiting excitedly to meet or see again!!  We love to throw a party…and a party won’t be complete with out some party favors!  Just wait until you see our custom designed swag bags filled with beautiful things from places like Aveda, Houndstooth Boutique and The Vintage Pearl!!  Kristin is going to make another special road trip from Maryland…just to be there!

So that’s that’s the scoop!  If you would like to follow along on our up-to-the-minute adventures follow the tweet bar on our home page to read and link to what’s happening this week while we are at BlogHer 10 or follow us @lovefeast!

And when all is said and done we’re going to be ready for one of these!!


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