Fancy Friday Summer Bucket List

Last Friday Kristin wrote about some sweet summer days she wants to treasure.  Now that summer is officially here (our last day of school was yesterday) it’s my turn to do my summer bucket list.

This summer my husband Todd and I will be celebrating 20 years of marriage together.  Recently we hiked to the summit of Piestewa Peak in Phoenix.  It was the first time I had hiked to the very top of anything.  We hiked side by side towards our goal and at the end of our journey it was beautiful to look back on where we had come from.  At this vista in our life, I can say we’ve had a beautiful journey so far and 20 more years from now I know it will be beautiful to look back on all the times we have savored together.  We’ve enjoyed some great mountain moments and traveled to all sorts of destinations.  But the parts of summer we enjoy best is at home, with family and the simplest of moments.  These are some of our “bucket” moments coming and some we’ve already begun to enjoy!

Time out in my garden ~

Time mapping out bike paths and pedaling the area trails in our city ~









Time celebrating the 4th of July “wild west” style like we do every year ~












Time enjoying summer treats from the ice cream truck, smores on the campfire and lemonade ~












And hopefully some time savored doing a little bit of nothing at all ~

It’s your summer ~