Fancy Friday Travel

Kristin’s brother snapped this picture.  It looks like a dream to us!  Do you know where this is?  Can you guess?  It’s one of the next adventures we dream about having!  It’s a cottage in the south of France.  We’re hoping to go their sometime in 2012.  Where will we bike?  What will we see?  Who will we meet?  And who will share a table with us?

There is nothing more inspiring to the soul than travel.  Travel stretches your horizons and sparks creativity.  And, travel with friends that are kindred adventurers can make memories of a life time.  We have had the opportunity to travel together many times.  Every time we do there are creative ideas that are inspired by textures, smells, the ambiance of a place and the people.  Every time we go not only do we take the textures of a place and weave them into our life at home and here at LoveFeast Table.






Our LIFE category at LoveFeast Table is filled with ideas that have come from the inspiration of travel and the inspiration of gathering together.  Some of the other life experiences we share here at LoveFeast Table that fall into the categories of LIFE are:  BlogLove events that we host and The Traveling Cookbook we are about to begin. But, one of our passions is travel.  Travel and blogging work well together.  We love to share a fantastic spot just discovered, amazing food like you’ve never tasted before and sightseeing trips that turn into dream projects.  We also love to learn from you ~ what you’ve seen and where you’ve been!  Who knows we just might add each others favorite spots to our own lists of places to see!  Next week on Fancy Friday we are going to hear from some LoveFeast Table guest bloggers about their travel experiences and inspiration.

Here are some of the sights from our travel.  They are glimpses into what is threaded into our EXPERIENCES here at LoveFeast Table.



































Travel is one of the ways we celebrate a beautiful life! What are some of your dream adventures? Do you have a place that soothes your soul, sparks your creativity and helps you realize more of who you are? We’d love to know…we are always looking for another great adventure!!