Fancy Friday~80’s Flashback

Chris Ann and I dared one another to post our 80’s pictures.  I accepted.  You see,  I “did” the 80’s. Most of my friends were “80’s prep“.  They wore shaker knit sweaters with matching socks that were exposed by the tightly folded and rolled jeans.  Not me!  After all, I was an artist.  I identified with Molly Ringwald and knew that my layers of color and bits and pieces would be pulled off with flair.  I did 80’s punk…(or so I thought).


You’re right if you analyzed the above photo and zoned in on the JAMS.  I had at least three “real” pairs (with actual JAMS labels).  I bought them at a new surf shop and found them next to the OP’s.

After school, I’d run up to my room and put on this CD. It was the first CD I ever owned.

Here’s a confession…I owned one of these and thought somehow I had created a Molly/Joan Jett look.

Then if I remember correctly, I wore it with red leggings that were covered in pink polka dots.  (I’m putting it all out there now.)

My prom was all about gold lamay.  My dress was really close to these.  I wore matching gold pumps and earring and hair teased to the nines.

Writing this, I am laugh-crying at how bad it was.  How is this post even fancy enough for FancyFriday?  Fancy Friday is supposed to inspire you, right?  Well, while we were at Houndstooth, I couldn’t help but see a relationship with some of the current styles.  Bright colors.  High wasted jeans.  Jelly shoes…albeit classy ones with heels.  I even leaned over to DJ Kane at one point and said, “Some of that mix includes tunes from my high school days.”  (He was sweet, and with the kindness of someone from a younger generation, said, “Well, that’s actually part of a current remix.”  Duh! I thought.  I hear it daily with my teenagers…have I really gotten that old?…sorry, I digress.)

Back to Fancy, if I were to recreate our BlogLove Event, around the 80’s theme, I would’ve made sure that instead of a DJ, we would’ve arranged a real life air band with a lip syncing front man.  (Another confession…I actually organized an entire air band concert with multiple performers.)   It would’ve been gnarly.  For party favors, how cool would it have been to give each of our guests a “Where’s the Beef” Tee?

Seriously, Houndstooth, if you carried them, they’d fly off the shelves.  Our invites would have been designed by Barbara Kruger and had a message like this:

Then of course, we also could’ve taken cues from Pee Wee and had the invite say, “I know you are but what am I?”  Our signature cocktail would’ve included Boone’s Farm in the mix.

As you can see, I could totally go off on an 80’s tangent but, I thought it would be fun to see how Fancy you can get with your 80’s flashback.  So, leave a comment with your favorite 80’s memory, or if you want a totally therapeutic and Back to the Future kinda experience, then write a post and link up.  It’ll be like totally awesome dude!