Fancy Friday~Fall Roundup

This fall I’ve been reading books like Moccasin Trail, By the Great Horn Spoon and Across the Aprils to my kids.  We are learning about the early pioneers and what they did to survive.  I don’t know why, but their stories and travels remind me of fall.  Maybe it’s the log cabins, roaming buffalo or majestic elk.

By artist Dolan Geiman


Print by Kari Herer found at Anthology Magazine

Celebrating fine artisans who work their craft from raw products with focus, precision and a desire to shape and create something beautiful…reminds me of fall.

Julia Krantz Whale Lounge Chair

Julia Krantz Whale Lounge Chair

Peg and Awl small handmade book necklaces

Peg and Awl small handmade book necklaces

(Just a quick note, if you click on the above pic, Peg and Awl are hosting a Giveaway through the weekend.  They will giveaway of one of these little treasures.)

The Pioneers knew all about farm to table food…not just farm to table, but tilling, to planting, to farm, to harvesting, to preparing to table…food.  Once they sat down to share a meal, they had earned the right to give thanks.  Farm to table, pioneer style, reminds me of fall…of giving Thanks.

Warm Salad of Roasted Beets, Lentils and Balsamic Onions from Stone Soup

Farmhouse Feast

 What stories, memories, people, food…do you associate with fall?