Fancy Friday ~ Lunch Boxes

I remember my Holly Hobbie lunch box. I carried it to school with pride. Every day at lunch, I’d open up my lunch box, with anticipation.  Inside I’d usually find a wrapped up bologna sandwich on Wonder Bread with French’s mustard.

There would probably also be a bruised, red delicious apple, three cookies and a thermos full of juice.  It was a special day when my mom had tucked in a note with one of her hand drawn cartoons, funny poems or if she put green grapes in my lunch, instead of the apple.  I don’t remember ever having mango, avocado or fresh pineapple as a choice.

It’s amazing how few choices we had for lunches, but we did have pretty cool lunchboxes.  Today, my kids have plenty of lunch choices.  This is what my 17 year old made for his lunch.

And this is the lunch I made for his sister.

What are your lunchbox memories?  And what memories are you creating for your kids?

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  1. My 6 th grade lunchbox was basic black! GREG

  2. My lunches in elementary school consisted of peanut butter and honey sandwiches, apples or grapes and carrot sticks on average. They were more exciting when we ate at home, but the ones we carried were often just that. Pretty safe choices and not a lot of room for food spoilage, which was good because I don’t ever remember having an ice pack in my lunch. My husband had Carl Buddig meat (just two slices from the pack) and government cheese.

  3. I had the same Holly Hobby lunch box. The same one!

    I loved when mom put soup in my thermos. I loved my thermos.

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