Fancy Friday~Summer Bucket List

Kristin’s List~

May 2011 528

The term “Life is a bowl full of cherries” came out in 1931 during the Depression.  It was a cheery, simple way to say, “Keep your chin up”.  The past two years has been tough for many.  It has been for us.  But, as this summer begins to usher it’s way in, my bucket list reflects “keeping it simple and enjoying the moment”.  The picture above was taken this very afternoon.  My oldest son took my daughter for a bike ride.  He took her to a favorite spot that has a cherry tree.  They picked a bag full of these mini, not fully developed, yet sweet gems and brought them home.  They sat on our front porch, swinging on our porch swing and ate them together.  I want this summer to be full of moments like these.

May 2011 442

This summer, I plan on discovering every local watering hole I can.  Four days ago, skater brother, lead the way with his girlfriend, to a stream under a railroad bridge where the rapids were calm enough for even our smallest adventurer to enjoy.  The older kids jumped from boulders and swung on ropes.  We will still go to the pool, but I want summer memories to add that include swimming in nature’s waters.

May 2011 458

Even when my to do list is overwhelming me, I will take a day, clear my plate and let my kids take their shoes off and hike for hours. May 2011 430

Even if the water is too high, I’ll sit on the side, kick off my own shoes and enjoy watching my kids be adventurous.

May 2011 411

There is a change in seasons coming for our family, as our oldest graduates from high school next year.

May 2011 324 May 2011 321

This summer will be about enjoying and savoring every sweet cherry that comes our way.

May 2011 427

“Life is just a bowl of cherries; Don’t make it serious; Life’s too mysterious. You work, you save, you worry so, But you can’t take your dough when you go, go, go. So keep repeating it’s the berries; The strongest oak must fall. The sweet things in life To you were just loaned, So how can you lose what you’ve never owned? Life is just a bowl of cherries, So live and laugh at it all.”

Chris Ann’s List will come next Friday…so link up your Summer Bucket List today or next Friday.