Fancy Friday~Table Guests

This week’s Fancy Friday is on our category “Table”.  “Table” is all about the people we want to have at our table, who are good storytellers or who would be a good candidate to interview.  We thought it would be fun to invite a few people to our virtual table today and ask them a few questions.

These were our questions:

1.) What’s your favorite food?
2.) What are you passionate about?
3.) What makes for good conversation?
4.) Who would you like to have join you at your table?
Robin ~ A Chow Life
1)  That is a hard one! I have to say my heart belongs to a good pizza. The thin and crispy kind straight from a wood oven is the best. I could eat it everyday.
2)  While I’m certainly passionate about food, these days I find myself far more captivated with my little 7 month old girl. I am passionate about raising her with tons of love and teaching her all sorts of fun stuff.
3)  The best thing for good conversation is an open mind and an inquisitive one. I think all my dearest friends have these wonderful qualities. I LOVE hosting dinner parties with friends. The conversation is always lively and fun.
4)  Well, you guys of course! I’d also love to host Mario Batali (great lover of food and life) along with Eric Ripert (who is a chef crush of mine). However, I’m not sure I’m up to the task of cooking for such great chefs. They can cook for me!
Start up conversation with Robin @achowlife
1) It’s a toss up between Spaghetti and Meatballs and Banana Bread!
2) I am passionate about women living their lives to their full potential.
3) The truth.
4) I can’t think of anyone I would love to have at my table more than my husband and my two girls, I am continuously fascinated by them!
Start up conversation with Heather @heatherchristo
1)  I love crab, it’s my very favorite “special occasion” food.  I like it in the shell, in a dip, anything.  Less fancy dishes that make me happy are texas-style barbeque, garlic-y noodles, and almost anything that involves chocolate or cheese.
2)  I am most passionate about the written word.  My perfect hour is spent alone, reading something brilliant and writing something passable.  Through my blog, I’ve recently become passionate about helping people making baby steps to change their lives, empowering women to live their own fairy tale, whatever that might be.
3)  Good conversation comes from a decent sense of self and a place of openness.  I have had fascinating discussions with people who don’t bring much life or world experience to the table, but their very approach to the topic at hand makes for lively banter.  Of course, I’ve found that a glass of wine can help along a stilted conversation as well.
4)  Joining me at my table?  Oh, the list is endless.  Everyone from the Pioneer Woman to the Virginia Woolfe to Laura Bush.  This list changes by the day.  There is so much inspiration to be found in almost everyone.
Start up conversation with Laura @hollywoodhwife
1.) Right about now, everything is my favorite food THAT I CAN’T HAVE. I’m nursing an extremely fussy baby and on a restricted diet. When I can eat all my favorites again, I’ll probably start with Mexican…SPICY Mexican. I love me some burritos and fajitas!
2.)  I’m passionate about supporting mothers, social justice, writing as story-telling, humor, creativity and my family.
3.)  Authenticity/transparency (tasteful transparency-heh), humor and open minds. I love a real conversation about things that matter. I love honesty. I love candor. I love conversation.
4.)  Oh, so many people! But I’d love to sit with creative thinkers and activists like Bono, Donald Miller (author and speaker), and Sara Groves (singer/songwriter).
Start up conversation with Heather @HeatheroftheEO
Shari ~ Tickled Red
1) Potato Soup. I know it sounds boring and isn’t nearly as difficult as some of the dishes that I like to play around with, but it is an indelible memory food that brings me back to the kitchen of my Granny. The warmth of her wood stove surrounding me while I enjoyed eating fresh homemade corn bread alongside a bowl of her delicious potato soup is where I could live forever.
2) I am passionate about my family and their happiness. For me this is not about what I give them in tangible objects, but the memories and experiences that we build together while we savor life from the inside out. I am also passionate about food, art, books and repurposing. I’m a recycling nut.
3) History, art, music, travel adventures but never politics or religion. I was always taught that in order to keep a conversation from hitting a sour note, you avoid the keys that don’t harmonize together.
4) My dream would be to have a dining room that was large enough to encompass all of my family and friends. Every Sunday would be a gathering of loved ones in full mass. But if you need specifics for a wish list of who I would like to get to know one evening during supper it would be Nicholas Sparks, Virginia Willis, Craig Ferguson, Diane Gabaldon and definitely you two ladies.
Start up conversation with Shari @iamtickledred
We’d love to start a conversation around our table today with our guests!  If you have a question you’d like to ask of our guests ~ leave a comment!  Let’s enjoy the conversation and the lovely friends at our table today!


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