Fancy Friday ~ Travel, Experience & Journey

Two weeks ago, we had so much fun having guests at our table for Fancy Friday, we decided to invite a few more to join us today.  LIFE here at our table is about travel, experiences, our friendship journey and projects focused on giving back.  We invited our guests to share a bit of their LIFE and how it relates to their journey.  Some of these guests happen to blog with a friend, partner or family member and in all honesty, we just wanted a peek into what makes their lives  tick.

We asked our guests these questions:

1. What is your favorite spot on the globe?  And why?

2. If you could travel with anyone, who would it be?

3. What are three things on your bucket list you can’t wait to experience?

4. Is there a company or organization making a difference in the world that you support? And why?

Chez Us~Denise and Lenny are partners who love to travel the globe. Denise is a total foodie and Lenny, an eater. They love the outdoors and wait until you stop by their table and see the view! Their space is visually delicious.

1.  Our favorite place on the globe?  Now that is a huge question.  There are so many places, but we would have to go with Paris since we seem to repeat our trips there as often as we can;  which is not often enough.  Paris is not only a foodie’s mecca, but it truly is the city of love.  Mystery and romance lurk around every hidden corner.  We love just exploring, hanging out in cafes, and photographing everything around us.  No real agenda just living every day in a new city.

2.  We are already traveling with whom we both want to travel.  Really, neither of us can even begin to imagine who else we would bring along.  We compliment each other nicely when traveling:  Lenny makes Denise slow down and Denise pushes Lenny to try out that new place.

3.  We can only pick three?  Not sure where to begin, there are so many.  Three things on our bucket list are definitely travel related:  1)  Safari – cannot wait to explore the riches that Africa has to offer.  2)  Thailand – particularly rock climbing on the beaches of Thailand;  something for both of us.  3)  USA Travel – we’d really like to explore more of the United States by road-tripping.  Especially the often neglected middle states.

4.  One particular organization that we are currently supporting is UNICEF UNDERCOVER – every second a child dies of Malaria and the UNDERCOVER program takes a small donation of $11 which goes to buying a net for a child.  It is a simple and economical way to save a life.  More information can be found here –

Taste For Travel~”Not Your Average Travel Blog” …so true! Heather Tyler claims that she comes from a family whose hunger for the journey comes on a grand scale. You don’t have to dig deep into her adventure to know she is a seasoned and passionate traveler.

1. My current favorite place-sorry, but it’s a moveable feast-is where the photo of me was taken, in the magnificent Southern Alps in the South Island of New Zealand.  The mountain ridge opposite Mount Aspiring, 2000m above sea level, is only accessible by helicopter.  The air is pristine, it is breathtakingly peaceful and quiet and the view across the mountains also took my breath away.  I felt very balanced and serene. I was there with friends and we celebrated with a bottle of chilled champagne before boarding the chopper and swooping over adjacent peaks. Unforgettable.

2. I would love to travel with someone who hasn’t traveled before.  Their sense of wonder and excitement is infectious.

3. I can’t wait to visit magical Provence in the south of France, trek the Himalayas in northern India and sail around the world!

4. I support the microloan organization Kiva, which is doing great work helping hundreds of thousands of people climb out of poverty and into sustainable lives.  My donations are small change to me but they make a world of difference to others.

Moggit Girls~ Joy and Janet make us smile on a regular basis. They love life, don’t take it too seriously and even create their own vocabulary. (Moggit it=magazine + blogging) We love that both of their personalities come together to create a blog that shines light on the humorous side of design.

1.  Janet: Home. It sounds really corny (I know!) but no matter where I travel or how much I love where I’ve been, there is nothing like the feeling I get when I come home.

Joy:My fave spot on the globe – that’s a tough one. I’m a Gemini so I’ll pick two! NYC and Paris.

2.  Janet: My family, (husband & kids– even though they have serious potential to drive me insane!), or barring that, my BFF Joy. She’s pretty awesome to travel with!

Joy:George Clooney. (Janet can tag along if she wants.)

3.  Janet: Mine are all travel-related– I’d love to take a year off and go see absolutely everything in Italy, Switzerland, and the Mediterranean… that’s three, right?

Joy:A month-long Polynesian trip, dinner out with Tina Fey & Jimmy Fallon followed by tickets to go see SNL and finally, a bath that is not interrupted by my kids.

4.  Janet: Since I was a little kid, I’ve always supported Unicef— I admire that organization for the sheer amount of good it has done, and continues to do, for kids around the world.

Joy:World Vision. It’s a great organization that supports under-privileged children. I believe that every family should sponsor a child if they can!

Three Many Cooks~Pam and her two daughters, Maggy and Sharon cook up incredible meals, create memories that will last a lifetime and gather people (and inspire them…so we’ve heard…from Big Summer Potluck attendees) at their table. Sounds a little familiar, right?

1.  My husband and I live in Connecticut most of the time, but we own a home about 2 hours away in upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We try to get there as often as we can. It’s very peaceful there–we don’t even have cable!–so I read more, write more, walk more, and spend quality time with those that I love.

2.  My husband of 33 years, of course!

3.  I’ve crossed off a good number of things on my bucket list. (I hope that doesn’t mean I’m about to kick the bucket!)
I want to be able to speak fluent French with my dear friends, Serge and Betty, before they die.
I love the magic that happens around the table when people share a meal. I want to spread that message with gusto and inspire as many people as I can to do it!

In the end, I want to look back with as few regrets as possible.

4.  What a great question! My daughter Maggy of Three Many Cooks and her friend Erika of Ivory Hut just launched Bloggers Without Borders last week. In that short time they’ve raised thousands of dollars for fellow food blogger, Jennifer Perillo, whose husband died suddenly of a heart attack. This will provide the financial support she and her young daughters need (including healthcare coverage) so they can make a new life.  They’re now looking to help the farmers in upstate New York after Irene’s devastation. These passionate young woman are just getting started, and I can’t wait to see all the good they accomplish in the coming years.


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