FooMamas Style

Yeah, so we’ve decided there needs to be a new genre for bloggers…The FooMama Style!  You see, LoveFeast Table is a food blog.  We talk about food, the conversations that happen at the table, food memories, the people who join us at the table and food toys!  But, we also happen to be Mamas!  There are 9 kids between us, so we are definitely qualified to be “Mommy Bloggers”.  At the same time, we are both artists and we love anything that sparks our imaginations or strikes our fancies.  So, we think, if you want to throw us in a category…a genre…we would fall in the “FooMamas Style” blogging category.

lil man pickles and olives

Being a FooMama, I just wanted to share a little snapshot of my Lil’ Man.  I asked him the other day what he wanted for breakfast.  He answered, “Pickles and olives.”

pickles and olives

That’s what I gave him…in FooMama Fashion!

What other new blogging genres do you think we need?