Prairie Dogs & French Crepes


Shooting prairie dogs and eating French Crepes for breakfast is not typically the way we roll in suburbia.  Well the French Crepes part, probably.  But shooting prairie dogs before breakfast?  Only on our Colorado vacation.

Once a year my family takes a road trip in the minivan to visit my husband’s sister and family.  We leave our home in the suburbs of Minneapolis, my husband leaves behind his corporate job and our kids their video games, soccer and friends.  As we wind down the road we let go of the city life, catch up, and eagerly anticipate a week filled with activities we only get to do in Colorado.  And, so far we have lived to tell about it!  We four-wheel, shoot guns, swim, boat, hike, picnic and take in our happy growing families.

Our first morning in Colorado started out just wonderful.  I got up early having heard the beep of the coffee pot going off.  After searching a few cupboards I found a coffee cup, poured some jo’ and found a place on the deck to sip and stare at the Grand Mesa.  Soon, the family drifted out to join me, my nephew first and then my husband, Todd, his sister Missy and her husband Tony.  We chatted, sipped our coffee and woke up.  Until, Uncle Tony spotted a prairie dog.

Game on.  Prairie dogs….they’re the demise of the garden, the grass, the rosebushes and anything else they find.   And, they dig holes in the pasture – a danger to the horses.  To top it all off, they carry the bubonic plague.

Therefore, when they popped their little faces up, our coffee mugs were set down and the gun came out.  My husband was now armed and dangerous (to prairie dogs, that is)!  We chatted, we spotted, we sipped our coffee some more and my husband took aim of the prairie dog.  Dead on, like, literally.

We had a funeral of sorts, um, we had a burying anyway.


He was laid to rest in a circle of witnesses.


The angels were there when he went to meet his maker.


Well, there is not good segue here, but it was time for breakfast, and to celebrate my middle sons birthday, he chose roll-ups.  That’s what they call them out here on the frontier.  In suburbia, I’d say they closely relate to the French Crepe.  They’re a favorite, and we usually have them at least once while we’re out here visiting our family.

Here’s the recipe for Frontier Roll-Ups ~aka French Crepes.


4 eggs
1 cup milk
1 cup flour

Mix eggs and flour into smooth paste.


And then, stir in the milk.


Put a little butter in a frying pan and then pour on top, like a thin pancake.


They will cook fast!


Frontier Roll-Ups….they make even the angels happy!


We ate ours with bananas, butter and maple syrup.  What do you like in your crepes?