A French Nouveau glitter tipped manicure is a fun way to polish your nails, with a little nod to a french manicure, but with a bit of irreverence.

French Nouveau Glitter Tipped Nails

The other day, I was flipping through the new InStyle Fall 2014 magazine and came across this current trend for nails, called the French Nouveau manicure.  It’s basically a sheer natural fresh coat of polish with a swipe of metallic glitter across the tips.

French Nouveau Nails InStyle Magazine www.lovefeasttable.com

A French Nouveau manicure is fun way to polish your nails.  It shows a little nod to a traditional french manicure, but with a hip-bump of irreverence.

While french manicures are known for their precision, the idea with the French Nouveau manicure is to bit of carefree attitude to the polished finish.

French Nouveau Glitter Tipped Nails www.lovefeasttable.com

While I can’t say for sure that InStyle has been creepin’ on the LoveFeast Instagram for inspiration. *wink!* I can say that the I’ve have been sporting this trend for over a year now.

Here’s how to get this French Nouveau Manicure look:

1.  Polish nails in a sheer, nude or natural polish.  Or, go a bit more bold, with a darker matte or bright color.

2.  Brush nail tips loosely with gold or silver glittered polish.  One way to do it is to swipe the brush vertically at the tip of each nail. Or, swipe more loosely over the tips horizontally.  While french manicures are known for their precision, the idea with the French Nouveau look is for a bit of imperfection.

French Nouveau Nails www.lovefeasttable.com

During the winter last year, I mixed it up and gold glitter tipped a brownish-mauve shade of polish.

French Nouveau Nails www.lovefeasttable.com

If your feeling more festive, a brighter shade will work too.

Pink Glitter Nail Manicure www.lovefeasttable.com

Here’s another variation with an more opaque glittery polish a littler heavier over a sheer nude.

French Nouveau Glitter Nails www.lovefeasttable.com

Just because you’re an adult does not mean you can’t pull off glitter!  Having a day where you just want to throw glitter in the air?  Splash a bit ALL over your nails.

Coral Happy Nails www.lovefeasttable.com

The French Nouveau manicure might be that “Just One Thing” that you do to fancy up your fall style.

French-Nouveau-Glitter-Tipped-Nails www.lovefeasttable.com

What do you think?  Would you try this trend?

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