Friendship in Raising and Releasing Children

Today, I’m home in Baltimore, homeschooling my 3 younger kids (in theory). My husband is at work with our 14 year old who is off of high school this week.  My oldest son, Drama Boy (17) is in Minnesota with Chris Ann and her family.

My thoughts have drifted to 15 years ago, when our two oldest sons were toddlers sharing a plastic table with a plate of cut up chicken nuggets and apples. Their vocabulary was limited, but somehow, even then, Chris Ann and I saw how easy they were with each other. They accepted each other.

Today, Chris Ann is being “stand in mama” and she is taking my oldest to his first college audition.  He has spent the past 3 1/2 years at a well known arts high school, learning the craft of acting.  It has not been easy. The school’s program prides itself on conservatory training, not making exceptions because the kids learning are just teenagers. They take a journey of discovering and owning who they are as people.  It has been a challenge.  Who knows who they are at 15?! There were challenges that arose along the way that made my husband and I wonder if Drama Boy would be able to survive. But, as I waved goodbye to him last week, when he was boarding the plane, on his own…I knew in my heart, he’d done it.


And, can I just tell you?! I am one blessed girl, that my bff is able to be by my kid’s side at his first audition!  She has spent the week, spoiling him.  They have shopped for a new audition outfit, shared sushi, played like they were suburban Brits while shopping in the posh grocery store…and shared meals with the whole family.  Drama Boy and Chris Ann’s oldest, have done homework together, toured the college with Todd, went snowboarding, dancing…and spent moments catching up.  Drama boy called me last night and said, “I have more friends here in Minnesota than in Baltimore.” That statement speaks of just how treasured their friendship is…how easy it is.

I’m so grateful today.  I’m also, patiently waiting by the phone for the update that he nailed it!