Our Friendship Story ~ Beads

I remember as we left the nursery after the first time we met Devon and Kristin that the nursery care giver had said, “I never saw two babies that age actually seem to interact with each other.” We figured if our small babies got along so well in the nursery, their parents probably might get along too.  And, so we hoped for the best.  We enjoyed their son’s first birthday and then our son’s.

One afternoon I sat, round and pregnant folding laundry on my sofa.  To my surprise there was a midday knock at the door.   I could see someone familiar at the side door and I waved her in.  A familiar face came in.  Notoriously bad at recalling names quickly, I stuttered a greeting.

“I’ve got you something I wanted to drop by.  I’m in-between classes,” Kristin said as she handed me a gift bag filled with a tiny hat and mittens.  I looked up quizzically.  She smiled, “if you have a girl,” she said.  (She was right of course.)

“And, I got you these too.” and she reached out her hand towards mine.  As I opened my hand, she poured 7 or 8 small silver beads into my open palm.

“I thought you might like them.”

She was in the classes at the college nearby and had to get back.  We quickly exchange a thank you and goodbyes.  And then I was there with my laundry pile midday staring at a small Disney Tweety Bird hat and mittens for a baby girl and tiny pile of small silver beads.

Later on that night I told my husband about the visit and how surprised I was that she had stopped by with little tokens midday when we barely knew each other.

My husband said, “I think she wants to be friends with you.”

And, I smiled inside my heart.


This is the second part of our Friendship Story. You can read Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE. We’ve had so many people ask us about it, we thought it was about time we began to write it out and share it. We’ve been friends for 18 years…there is so much to tell! Just to give you a glimpse, we lived in the same neighborhood while raising out first 7 (Kristin 4, Chris Ann 3) children. We sold both of our homes within a month of each other with Chris Ann’s family moving back to Minnesota and Kristin’s family traveling the world. We wanted a way to see each other, so a few years ago, we started a business. (And our plan is working!) Thanks for joining us on this journey! It will be fun to share with you how our friendship has grown throughout the years.