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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship.  Growing up, I moved often…like, I had been to 8 schools by the 8th grade.  I never had a problem making friends.  I was outgoing and comfortable with myself.  Once I hit high school, I begged my parents to let me start and finish all four years at the same school.  I quickly made friends.  But, I wasn’t really good at keeping friends long term.  I realize now that I sabotaged good friendships at around the two year mark.  I didn’t do it intentionally and didn’t even realize the pattern until adulthood. I think I was just so conditioned to move on.

Friendship to me is a treasure.  Especially the kind of friendships that stand the test of time, that allow me to change, move, stumble, stretch and wander.  Because my life has conditioned me to change and move (we tell our kids our ancestors were nomadic) and I’m not afraid to take risks and leap, I’m not the kind of friend who will always live in the same house, work the same job…be “life pattern” consistent.  (Not to mention, life with 5 kids is one of constant flux.)  Those friends in my life that allow me to be me, are invaluable.


I’m so grateful for all the different types of friends in my life.  There are a few who are consistent and will probably live in the same neighborhood when they are grandparents.  I love knowing they are there.  There is a stability I envy.  I may not talk to them often, but when I do, the conversations pick up right where they left off.  These friends are reliable and true.  There are the friendships that are my day to day nourishment.  These are the friends who help with my kids, are a part of my daily routine and who can tell you what’s on my calendar tomorrow.  Without these girls, I wouldn’t make it through the week, let alone a day.  Then there are my besties.  There are just a couple of them.  These girls tend to be just like me.  Risk takers, passion pursuers, dreamers and…first borns.  These ladies understand the core of what makes me tick.  Their approach to life, their values and perspectives are very close to mine.  These are the friends I never have to explain myself to.  There is grace for my off days and unspoken understanding when I’m not myself.

Friendship.  No matter what form it takes, it’s precious and worth far more than gold.

Just wanted those girls in my life to know I’m grateful for them.

How about you?  What friendships ground you and help make you who you are?


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