From Dryer Lint to Dreams

We were on the phone again tonight… one of us Twittering and Facebook-ing, one of us loading dishes in the dishwasher and waiting for a teenager to get off the computer.   And, we are both reeling with giddiness!  Why you ask?  Well, one year and a half ago, two friends (and their husbands – whether they liked it or not!), set out to find an adventure!  We weren’t really sure where it would lead or how we would do it.   In fact, we didn’t always feel very – clever.   One of us didn’t even know how to cut and paste, yet, let along operate WordPress or connect a link.  Sometimes we struggled to cook.  And, here we were forging ahead in the food blog world.   We struggled and learned and laughed and schemed…two moms at large in the blogger world!

Seriously!  A little over a year ago, we were having lunch at the Golden West Cafe in Baltimore when we began scribbling crazy dreams on a small scrap of paper, dug out of the bottom of a purse.  We dreamed of travel, culture, friendship, and food!  At, some point in our hysteria, or possibly because of the heat and the beer, we coined the phrase, “From dryer lint to dreams!!”  And, to this we clinked our beer mugs and fell over in heaps of laughter, with a few patrons looking over their menus, our way to see what the midday revelers were up to!  Somehow, what seemed impossible with nine kids between us, busy entrepreneurial husbands, and a carpooling lifestyle, seemed possible!

What exactly does “From Dryer Lint to Dreams” mean? You might wonder.  Well, on any given day, we are up to our necks in laundry and life!!  We wanted to do more, we wanted to create, express ourselves, and explore.  This is the year we have worked hard at learning the art of  blogging!  We have made new friends-friends that saw a diamond in the rough!!

It’s hard to imagine we have climbed to a place where we can even be side by side some fantastic bloggers!!  Amazingly, we have climbed from number 20 to number 4 in less than a week in the Mobbies Award for the best Foodie blogs in Baltimore!!

And, for that…our friends at the table–we thank you!! This has been a pie in the sky moment!!

And, it’s not over yet!! Please keep voting for our blog at until this Friday, October 9th!!  You can vote everyday for us in the Foodie category as well as Best Overall blog — CLICK HERE!!

Thanks for coming to our “virtual” table and feasting with us!!  Cheers! Chris Ann & Kristin


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