Fur and velvet are two textures that bring and extra special a elegance, delight and inspiration! Our NEW velvet and fur pillows and throws are both luxurious & comforting! See more at LoveFeast Shop!

Luxurious NEW Fur And Velvet Pillow And Throws

I’ve always had a thing for luxurious and elegant patterns and textures.  As a young camp girl when other kids were bringing home postcards, mugs and packs of gum on the long bus ride home, I wedged heavy pottery planters between my legs and a beautiful batiked pillow in between my arm rest and the window.  Clearly, I had a vision for my future filled with inviting spaces.  And, somehow I knew a pillow could make a statement, change a room and inspire a goal of how one would like to feel in one’s life.  (On a side note ~ my batiked pillow found on a camp trip now finds a place on Kristin’s guest bed.)

Our NEW velvet and fur pillows and throws are both luxurious & comforting!

Adding a pillow or throw is a simple way to add an inspiring element to your home.


Fur and velvet are two textures that bring an extra special added flair of elegance, delight and inspiration!

Switching out your pillows and throws as the seasons change is a quick way to bring an added dimension and warmth to your room.


One of our values at LoveFeast Shop is to bring elegant, high-quality and inspiring things to you and your home.

These pillow & throws are impeccably made and are a practical luxury.


If you are a fan of our Velvet Pumpkins ~ you’ll see something very familiar in our NEW luxurious velvet throws!


and because ’tis the season ~ we’ve added some elegant personal fur pieces!


Visit LoveFeast Shop for unique and inspiring finds for you & your home & charming gifts to give this season!


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  1. Hi ladies!

    The pillows are GORGEOUS. I love the velvet ~ perfect to snuggle up with on the cold Seattle morning. It is 27 degrees!

    Enjoy your day.

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