Garden Porch Whimsy ~ Thrift Haul

On of my favorite things about scouring junk shops, thrift stores and antique shops is finding that unique piece that makes you smile.  This little turtle guy is one of those things.  Truth is I don’t even know for sure what it is.  Do you?  I just know to me this mesh and metal turtle felt garden-y, whimsical and happy.

It goes great with my Dandelion picture and adds to the finds that give my Front Porch Inspiration.

Sure, there is always something to work on.  Do you spy with your eye my not yet planted Dalia?  It’s been sitting their since mid-June and is still miraculously alive.  The pot to the right of my wicker loveseat?  Not so much, anymore.
Every morning I try to take a break, even before I start my day.  This is where I have my morning cappuccino almost every day.
Slow and steady wins the race. ~ Aesop, The Hare and the Tortoise

Do you have a Happy Space?   What do you do to get inspired before you start your day? 

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